Orchard in Lincoln, Ca

The big red barn peeking through the orchard of olive trees. 
Bella Ternero inspecting olives. Would you trust her to inspect your olives? 
Sweet Haven knows a good thing when she sees it!
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is an olive tree!
How else would we decorate our barn than with olive oil bottles and olive branch trimmings!
Lisa and Felipe Ternero enjoying the sunset from the barn. (with a bottle of Ternero extra virgin olive oil... of course)
Lisa Ternero and her family celebrating Karen (Lisa's cousin) being cancer free! 
Lisa Ternero in the orchard spreading organic fertilizer. (Good thing this is just a photo, because the smell is awful!)
When the gates are open, the farm stand is open!
Olive trees before harvest.
View from the patio.
Felipe Ternero giving an olive oil lesson.
After trimming.
Nico Ternero harvesting olives when he was just a little guy.
Felipe Ternero getting ready to plant baby olive trees.
Nico Ternero on harvest day. (when he was still a little guy)
Felipe Ternero inspecting the olives to ensure the perfect press.
Work is better with friends! Some friends helping out during the harvest.
Thank you Giorgio for all your manual labor. The after party was pretty fun!
Nico Ternero & friends harvesting olives. (they were all little guys here)
Felipe Ternero and his two children, Bella and Nico cruising around the orchard.