Cooking with Amber

Amber Bowers is a good friend of the Ternero family. Amber is a phenomenal cook and is always making something delicious in her kitchen with her TerneroOliveOil. 

Follow along for some inspiration from Amber's tasty kitchen!

Caramelized onion, butternut squash, spinach and feta cheese frittata finished with Ternero gold.


1 cup well packed basil leaves
1/2 cup Ternero Estate Blend OVOO
3 Tbsp pine nuts
2 cloves of fresh crushed garlic
Pinch of salt
1/2 cup of best quality freshly grated parmesan cheese

Lightly toast pine nuts in a dry pan then let cool. Add cooled pine nuts, oil, garlic, salt & parmesan to a blender or food processor & blend till almost smooth. Then add the basil and blend again until the consistency is right. Adding the basil at the end ensures that the basil remains a vibrant green.

To store add a thin layer of Ternero Estate Blend EVOO on top to keep its color vibrancy.

"My sourdough is currently cooling and I can't wait to dip it in your beautiful oil. X"


Baby spinach with fresh mozzarella & pesto (pesto recipe above) drizzled with Garlic Olive Oil

Thank you Amber! Used with left overs from last nights dinner. Spaghetti sauce, Spaghetti squash, chicken, parmigiana cheese, and Gourmet Herb Blend Olive Oil. Under the broiler.

Pan fried tomatoes, then eggs fried in the pan straight after the tomatoes (I cook them first then take them out). Kept the yolks runny so I went over easy. Cooked with and drizzled with Gourmet Herb Blend Olive Oil.

Hummus drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.