Ternero Table Olives

Who doesn’t like olives on their fingers?

Ternero Farms is proud to sell 7 different varieties of olives for canning. We typically sell to large companies that process the olives for snacks and pizza and sold in all the grocery stores,  but we are huge fans of those who are interested in curing your own olives! Let us know how we can help.

A report from the International Olive Council (IOC) cites the benefits you can have by including table olives and olive oil as part of a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Olives  can be a fun way to add flavor to many meals as well as a healthy choice for you and your family. Olives have many health benefits such as;

  • Very low in calories

  • Low in fat

  • Olives are near 0 amounts of sugar and cholesterol

  • Omega 3 fatty acids which are healthy for the body and the brain

Contact us today for information on purchasing RAW olives for your favorite recipes.

Interested in wholesale?

Contact us at (916)508-5325 or lisa@ternerofarms.com