Our Tradition Starts With Our People

Felipe Ternero

Felipe grew up in the south of Spain. Olives and Olive oil is in his blood.  He came to the US as a young adult to play soccer and ended up staying. One of the things he noticed is that the climate in Northern California is so similar to the south of Spain. Felipe believes in a perfect product but doesn’t think it should cost an arm and a leg.

Felipe is available for consulting and can answer just about any question when it comes to starting up a new orchard to how to maintain an old abandoned one.  Felipe oversees all the maintenance of the orchards along with all the bulk sales of olives for table and bulk sales of oil 55gallon drums and 250 gallon totes and more.

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Lisa Ternero

Lisa’s background has been marketing for 25 years and has been working closely with her husband  in the olive industry since 2011. She oversee’s shipping, sales, custom orders and tastings. She also created a way to sell olive oil as a product for fundraising.  A nice change to the regular cookie dough, candy and fattening popcorn.

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Emily Steenbuck

Graphic Designer. Emily’s talents never stop. Emily can create your own personalized label for your olive oil bottle. Perfect for weddings, parties, schools, teams, businesses and restaurants.

Patrick Powers

All who wander are not lost.
Patrick Powers spent the last 40 years wandering the hallways of the state capitol, corporate boardrooms, publishing houses, wineries, restaurants, media outlets and smokey dive bars.  He now wanders Ternero orchards tending to thousands of olive trees.  Patrick knows the olive trees, the water infrastructure,  the pond and the wildlife that inhabits the orchards. He knows where the biggest blackberries grow and the wild mint.  He still wanders and is not lost.